Supervisory Board and Directors


BiT Supervisory Board

Mr.Berhan Hailu 
Chair, Supervisory Board
 H.E. Ahmedin Mohammed (PhD)
Masresha Fetene (Prof.)
Firew Tegegne (PhD)
Mr. Daniel Mebrahtu
Essey Kebede (PhD)
Mr. Arega Kebede

BiT Directors

Welcome to the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology.
Here you will find an old and young community who are dedicated to be a pride of Ethiopian through its excellence in engineering and technology education, research, innovation and public services. As scientific director of the institute, I have the privilege of leading this institution, a place where engineering, technology, and science combine to teach, to do research and to give public service for better lives.
We want to become a leading institution in engineering and technology programs that develop students to become entrepreneurs, and innovators through a distinct BiT education, and user inspired research that produces local knowledge. Programs such as Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Engineering and Computing help to prepare for career. The institute has unique specialized programs such as Computer, Food, Industrial, and Water Engineering that help graduates to be focused. Moreover high-impact research on agricultural mechanization, energy, irrigation, ICT for development, nutrition, postharvest loss, micro power grid, and watershed management from the graduate programs our (through academic staffs) equip students with advanced skills and expertise that put them in a highly competitive position. In short, we educate some of the finest engineers that makes Ethiopian to be pride.
A large part of our success comes from our motivated old and young faculty. Our academic staffs see the challenge of surrounding community as an opportunity to develop energy efficient systems from the sun and biogas, to design and implement ICT for effective management of resources, to design machines that harvest water hyacinth on lakes, to impact policy on water and soil management and to reduce post-harvest losses. 
Staffs devise means to change these to community service and technology transfer. We continue to understand the challenge of our community and become part of the solution.
The institute has strong alliance to local industry and institutions to ensure relevancy in education and research. Our international partners help to be part of the globe, to increase our visibility and internationalize our education and research. Every year, the institute is increasingly working to become one of the finest technical university in future.
I am extremely proud of the students, academic and administrative staffs, who make up the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology. And I’m honored to be part of a team of people who makes as a tradition to improve continuously, and who makes something happen and who do something better since 1963.
Seifu Admassu (PhD)
BiT Scientific Director
Bimrew Tamirat (PhD)
Managing Director
   Demesew Alemaw (PhD)
        Deputy Scientific Director for Academics
Mekuanint Agegnehu (PhD)
Deputy Scientific Director for Research
& Community Service