Supervisory Board and Directors


BiT Supervisory Board

Mr.Berhan Hailu 
Chair, Supervisory Board
 H.E. Ahmedin Mohammed (PhD)
Masresha Fetene (Prof.)
Firew Tegegne (PhD)
Mr. Daniel Mebrahtu
Essey Kebede (PhD)
Mr. Arega Kebede

BiT Directors

Bimrew Tamrat (PhD)

Scientific Director of Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University

Message of the Scientific Director

Welcome to Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University (BiT-BDU). It is a pioneer institute of technology with an experience of six decades through different transformations. BiT is working to be a hub of research and innovation in digitalization, postharvest technologies and agricultural mechanization, manufacturing, emerging technologies energy and telecommunication, which will serve as a force multiplier in addressing societal and industrial challenges. It is a privilege for me to start leading such an outstanding institution on the eve of its 60th years anniversary.

With a clear vision to remain being a source of pride for the nation through excellence in technological education, research and innovation we strive in producingcompetent professionals in various fields of technology and engineering through undergraduate and graduate studies; conduct research and innovation that contributes to individual and national development needs and expand technology transfer, consultancy service, community engagement that impacts the lives of people and enhance income generation.

The student is the most important person in our institute. We create opportunities and inspire students to achieve their goals. We recognize that in addition to our students’ academic pursuits, they lead full, rich lives and need our support. Apart from hosting local students from Ethiopia, BiT seeks to attract international student particularly from Africa and offer them an excellent educational experience as internationalization is one of the institute’s core values. Furthermore, we are seriously working on accreditation of programs and laboratories so that it will be a reputable institute across the globe through standardization and quality enhancement. On this behalf fulfilling facilities like smarting classrooms, well furnishing laboratories and libraries and greening the compounds are being intensively taking place with the highest priority.

As a biggest institute of Bahir Dar University, a research university, BiT focuses to nurture the large groups of academic staff and alumni to intensively work on research, innovation, technology transfer, community engagement and income generation in areas such as agriculture, energy, manufacturing, health, tourism, digital technology and education. Several incubates are benefitted from BiT Incubation centers which helps it to stood at the top from all universities of the country and made it exemplary. In the coming years, we all are eager to see that BiT can support many more incubates and Start-up grants. One of the most significant challenges for the Institute is to create the ideal research ecosystem for encouraging scientists and research scholars to perform cutting-edge research and technology development. The past two years have been very much turmoil for the entire world; nevertheless, BiT has made substantial progress in terms of generation of infrastructure and cutting-edge instrument facility to reassure and support the high-quality research and innovation, development of technology and human resources, in addition to taking critical initiatives for the welfare of the society by endorsing several outreach activities. Active participations of staff and students for responding to COVID 19 and survival challenges of the country can be taken as a testimony.

Wrapping up my message, I would like to welcome you to access the endless opportunities at BiT. Please, come join this vibrant, global community of learners in a beautiful city, where your growth and development will be fostered in a place where everyone matters. Moreover, Partners are welcomed for a meaningful collaboration where we can contribute in education, innovation and technological development to the national community and the globe at large.


Minychl Gitaw (PhD)
Managing Director
   Demesew Alemaw (PhD)
        Deputy Scientific Director for Academics
Mekuanint Agegnehu (PhD)
Deputy Scientific Director for Research
& Community Service