Congratulations! The Startup at BiT MakerSpace of BiT-BDU has been shortlisted among the Top-16 Nominee of the 2022 Royal Academy of Engineering Award


One of the start-ups at BiT Makerspace entitled ‘’Agelgile Production of Packaging Paper and Tableware from Agricultural Bi-Products ‘’ has been shortlisted among the Top 16 Nominee of the 2022 Royal Academy of Engineering Awards. Sixteen talented entrepreneurs have been selected from Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, The Republic of Congo, Togo and Uganda.

The start-up aims to produce a sustainable range of packaging and tableware made from agricultural by-products like wheat and rice straw. Afomia Adnualem and her team developed both the process and key machinery required to turn crop waste into sturdy and reliable packaging. The Royal Academy of Engineering Award is said to pass through continuous evaluation and stringent selection process and the top-eight start-up shall get recognition and support for business start-up. Director of Business Incubation and Techno-Entrepreneurship Center (BiTec) Dr. Amare Kassaw expressed his pleasure and congratulate the team for its success. According to him the aim of the center is to enable students and staff to commercialize technologies, create jobs, and strengthen local economies by producing financially viable small firms. He added that the business idea behind the center is to inspire, facilitate and support young entrepreneurs and help them create their own business. Under BiTec, the institute established BiT MakerSpace that helps to enhance innovation culture, and creates a space for business incubates prototyping and sample production. Accordingly the Agelgile team is one of the various groups met as students at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, and currently run the business from an incubator space provided by the Center. The Institute wants to congratulate all the BDU Community and the Agelgile team for its achievement to date and extends its best wishes on the upcoming selection procedures.