The first national conference on "Food Processing, Postharvest, and Nutrition (FPMN) for Sustainable Development: Findings and Best Practices" was held in BiT-BDU.

The first conference on "Food processing, Postharvest and Nutrition (FPMN) for Sustainable Development: Findings and Best Practices" has commenced at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology with the goal of improving national nutrition standards and reducing malnutrition. Dr. Mesfin Wegayehu, a chair holder in Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering has introduced the event by announcing the programs, followed by inviting Dr. Seifu Admassu, the Scientific Director of the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology. According to Dr. Seifu's speech, the national Agenda on Sustainable Development can be achieved if similar research-based conferences with a large impact are organized. The conference incorporated three sessions which accounts Nutrition and food systems which will be followed by Food processing, food safety and analysis and finally post-harvest and cross cutting issues. Though the conference lasted for a day and half, presentations on research findings was a part followed by series of questions and panel discussion with the attendees. The closing remark was given by Dr. Mesfin with gratitude notifying the fruits of the discussion. The collaboration and connecting networks are evenly laid where attendees had the chance to cooperate once more.
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