Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University has hosted a public speech on Telecom Network Planning and Optimization

The session was opened by Dr. Fikreselam Gared, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering who insisted that such speeches by alumni are a way of gaining industry experiences, as well as relating theoretical lessons with practical skill.
Then, Mr. Anteneh Temesgen, one of the alumni of BiT-BDU, who has worked as a transmission engineer for one year, radio access network technician for five years, radio access network specialist for five years, and currently as a wireless network optimization specialist at Ethio telecom, delivered a public speech. According to Mr. Anteneh, network planning began with a requirement analysis of capital, number of subscribers, throughput, device types, and progressed to network (coverage, capacity, and quality) optimization. Nominal planning using simulation will be completed prior to the site survey, and potential locations identification. Aside from the speech, he attempted to clarify his presentation by using a sample network configuration.  He wrapped up his public speech after reflecting on the questions raised by participants regarding the topic.
Finally, Dean of FECE, Mr. Tewodros Gera has closed the session forwarding his gratitude to Mr. Anteneh on behalf of the faculty.
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