“Strengthening Engineering Research” Program Graduation Session of BiT-BDU Trainees has been held virtually

Overviewing the 3+ months' program, Professor Tom Marlin, acknowledged all the 24 participants where he emphasized the graduates’ ability to help and change their institution and country. His speech focused on the proposal development where the aim of the workshop truly lied on. Later on, Dr. Rahim Rezaie acknowledged the support from the Canada team and Bahir Dar University.
Dr. Bimrew Tamrat, Scientific Director of BiT, has made his introductory remarks on the ceremony. He thanked the Academic Without Boarder (AWB) members for their valuable contribution and commitment and gratified them on the behalf of BiT for their taught-on proposal and research development in which funding and grants are important. He remarked that the institute expects successful proposals for mega researches where the graduates can invest their valuable knowledge. 
Professor Greg Moran, executive director of AWB, emphasized the importance where AWB is eager to build capacity of programs, faculties and develop the country. He featured the willingness to help and share ideas where more than 200 volunteers and 34 countries are part of AWB. He also notified the importance of the workshop as it helps to improve the program for the future. 
Among the keynote speakers, Professor Johnatan Rose presented a topic on Connecting Research and Entrepreneurship. He is professor of computer and electrical engineering at the University of Toronto, who has been an AWB supporter for many years and a member of the board of directors for about 9 years, gave a speech on research and connecting companies. In his speech, he stated that one of the most important jobs in the world is to use curiosity in innovation to do new things, which can be started with research and a product is knowledge. He also mentioned that starting a company is the only way to have a direct impact on the world. Following that, he discussed his experiences with stories Chip Research on Field-Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) to Reality (The Right Track CAD Company).
The second keynote speaker Dr. Nigus Gabbiye, associate professor of chemical and environmental engineering, also presented his speech on the title of “Doctoral Education in Bahir Dar University, Challenges and Perspectives”. He presented the current status, government plan and the limitations and weaknesses where various packages are incorporated. He also pointed out the importance of Grant in Higher Education and its impact on varies circumstances is enormous. Finally, the students were acknowledged with a certificate of completion based on the stated project groups and the closing remark was given by Dr. Mekuanint Agegnehu, Deputy Scientific Director for Research and Community Services. He underlined the value of the workshop and provoked the participants to apply for international grants and contribute to their country. All the trainees are with assistant professor and above academic ranks.
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