Business Incubation and Techno Entrepreneurship Center (BiTec) conducted AgriTech Hackathon 2022 projects final pitching.

[July 22, 2022 Bahir Dar - ISC/BiT]
Dr. Amare Kassaw, BiTec Director, opened the session by welcoming both physical and virtual participants, including Dr. Seifu, former BiT Scientific Director, and Rensys Engineering guests. He stated that while six projects were initially identified, a Mobile and Web-based Digital Marketing and Sales Application, as well as a Market Linkage and Cold Room Management System were chosen through peer pitching and incubated with the support of USAID, Innovation Lab for Small Scale Irrigation, International Water Management Institute, and Seifu-BiT Maker Space. Dr. Amare also briefed as the students (incubators) met a milestone and the requirements agreed upon at the start of the incubation with the help of assigned Mentors, technical assistants, the requirements gathered from Rensys engineering, and follow-up of the project owners, Dr. Seifu and Dr. Tewodros, up to this point.
Team Dayan then presented a mobile and web-based digital marketing and sales application, explaining that this platform enables farmers to obtain quality products at a reasonable price, easily locate and contact regional agents, and Rensys as a business will benefit from streamlining orders and distribution of solar programs. They also tried to clarify their work by demonstrating the roles of Super admin, local admin, and system users. After standing ovation from the audience for their work thus far, they concluded their presentations by reflecting on the feedback and questions that had been raised.
Following that, the second group team Lielina gave a presentation on Marketing Linkage and Cold Room Management System. They were pleased to announce that this type of system, which integrated the management of cold rooms, farmer products, and wholesaler orders, will be a valuable asset to the development of our country's agriculture. They also attempted to demonstrate their work by displaying the roles of Super admin, local admin, and wholesalers in the system. After receiving a high praise from the audience, they completed their presentations by reflecting on the feedback and questions raised.
Dr. Seifu Admasu then shared his thoughts on the way forward, stating that because the incubators are so passionate about this work, their efforts must be deployed as soon as possible by overcoming the challenges. Adafres Chane of Rensys Engineering added, "As we move forward, because these are new working principles, we must work on how these applications will be successfully implemented."
Finally, the students were awarded certificates, and Dr. Demis, BiT Deputy Scientific Director for Academics, delivered the closing remarks, thanking every participant and supporter of this program on behalf of the institute. He also stated that such innovations are invaluable for the development of our country, as well as a means of demonstrating the potential of our students and what BiTec can do.
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