BiT-CDC has successfully delivered a three-month training program called Full Stack Development Training in collaboration with MinabTech (HaHu Jobs) PLC.

[July 26, 2022 Bahir Dar - ISC/BiT]
Industries have entered a new era of automation and digitization. This will have a significant impact on the skill demand of university students who need to remain competitive. Almost every job in the industry is changing, some quite dramatically, and new job creation must deal with new technological and digital skills. One of the defining business problems of our time is preparing graduate students for future employment. However, most universities do not address it in their formal education through their own curriculum.
With this, BiT-CDC came up with Skill based training and competition program. One of the training is named Full Stack Development Training.
It should be noted that an MOU was signed with MinabTech (HaHu Jobs) PLC. Following the orientation, 136 students were able to sign up for homework assignments. The company then sent trainers for three months to screened trainees in Back-end development, Front-end development, and Mobile app development. Initially, there were 50 trainees, but it was discovered that only 18 could complete it by the end of the week.
The training covers single file components, components in depth, Reusability, Routing, Hands on Vue, npm package manager, CSS framework, setting up a tailwind, HTML and CSS recap, JavaScript design,  front end design, Hands on Figma, Router and local storage, GraphQL, single page apps, Vuejs and about Vue, Database and DBMS, characteristics of DBMS, database type, relational database, non-relational database, About Docker and Hasura, Dart programming, Introduction to Flutter, Setting up flutter SDK, Widgets, Network request, Data Persistence, State, Managing a state and state management tools. 
According to Mr. Kaleab Mezgebu, Co-founder and operation manager, two trainees will be recruited and six of them will be given graduate internship opportunities.  On-campus recruitment will be active after the final exam.
The training will conclude with great recognition by trainees for the glimpse experience and opportunities.
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