GiZ Private Sector Development in Ethiopia visited Seifu BiT Maker Space

[July 29, 2022 Bahir Dar - ISC/BiT]
GiZ Private Sector Development, one of the supporter of innovation ecosystem in Ethiopia including BiTec and the members from Dire Dewa, Adama Science and Technology, Wolaita Sodo, Jigjiga and Hawassa Universities visited Seifu BiT Maker Space. Dr. Amare Kassaw, BiTec Director, gave an overview about Seifu BiT Maker Space and what they are currently doing. He thanked former Scientific Director Dr. Seifu Admassu for his contributions to the makerspace and explained as if for recognizing that the makerspace had its current name. Dr. Amare clinched his briefing by reflecting on the visitors' questions and feedback.
Giordano Dichter, Team Leader Innovation Ecosystem Expert as well as visitors from member universities, praised the work of the incubators at Seifu BiT Maker Space.
Finally, Dr. Mekuanint Agegnehu, Deputy Scientific Director for Research & Community Service, delivered a speech to the visitors, where he attempted to explain the processes that Seifu BiT Makerspace has gone through as well as the challenges that they face. He concluded his speech by expressing how pleased the institute is with this incubation center and thanking the project's supporters and members on behalf of the institute.
Information and Strategic Communication Directorate