Bahir Dar University has held a discussion with a delegate from University of CAMBRIDGE on the achievements and mutual interests as well as benefits in advance

[Sept. 19, 2022 Bahir Dar, ISC/BiT]
The discussion started with a brief about Bahir Dar University by Fitih Alemu from Information and Strategic communication Directorate. She notified the evolution of the university with the vision of becoming first choice in Ethiopia by 2030. She spoke of the university’s interest which mainly focuses on research, technology transfer, advancements and innovations through its numerous research centers and huge number of staff as well as students.

Meanwhile, Dr. Lara Allen, presented the overall progress of the collaboration between Bahir Dar University and University of CAMBRIDGE, informing that pile of knowledge shall be implemented in practice for paving the future. As per her speech, University of CAMBRIDGE has its own principles at international level, with academia and corresponding parties, and it requires diffusion where the impact will grow through pushing technology while searching for opportunities. 

Even though funding and researches are in brief, she underlined the lack of the collaboration between the academia with business sector where searching the problem is a must inside the community. In this regard, University of CAMBRIDGE has supported 5 PhD Students and provided around 30 million Birr to Bahir Dar University in the last five years. The laboratories, initiatives and the ecosystem are considerable where innovations are boosted up to high level conferences. Hence, the ambition of the university is creating innovations to help the community through working with various sectors. Professor Sam Stranks supported this through explaining the activities and projects conducted to the community, especially explain about innovative solar projects at hand.

Later, the team from BDU acknowledged and appreciated the courage of University of CAMBRIDGE to support the university while maintaining the ecosystem which enormously contributed to the community.
At last, Dr. Firew Tegegne, Bahir Dar University President, informed the delegate the motivation of Bahir Dar university is which is at major scale where BiTec is the first nominate in supporting technology along with extensive improvements.  He also added that research is the core concept of the university, and it is supporting students not only to sustain themselves, but also the university and community where mutual benefit can be greatly secured.
Finally, Dr Firew has received the gift from the delegates to BDU and he, in turn, provided them with the BDU gifts.