Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University (BiT-BDU) has held workshop on the role of AI for sustainable water resources management and development

[October 29, 2022 Bahir Dar, ISC/BiT]
According to the workshop's introduction, which was given by Mr. Temesgen Getnet, Director of Information and Strategic Communication, the workshop is a component of the research activity supported by the African Center for Technology Studies' (ACTS') Artificial Intelligence for Development in Africa (AI4D Africa) scholarship project. Later, Dr. Tesfa Tegegne, Director of STEM Center, gave the opening remarks. He stressed the need to use artificial intelligence in research subjects based on current results along with the importance of water resources, though the scarcity of water is collective. According to the online presentation from Dr. Seifu Admassu, the former Scientific Director of BiT, the creation of an AI-based workshop aims to disseminate research results and expertise among the relevant shareholders, although Ethiopia is lagging somewhat behind in the respective industry.
According to his address, it is being funded by various individuals and organizations with related goals, and at the conclusion of the workshop, consensus on the management of water resources is anticipated. While this was proceeding, Dr. Haimanot Bayabil from University of Florida, gave his keynote address on the impact of machine learning on water resource management, along with opportunities and challenges, which was then followed by a variety of presentations based on research findings.
Dr. Kommy Weldemariam, an IBM researcher, gave his keynote address at the afternoon session, with the topic "Building our Suitable Future Through Science and Computing." Following the presentation of several technical research papers and subsequent discussion, Dr. Allelign Zeru from the partisans made a closing statement in which he emphasized the significance of the workshop, its implications, and the future of the sector given the anticipated challenges at the national level. He also mentioned the steps to take after making comments, emphasizing the need for improvements to technology, policies, and public perception.
Information and Strategic Communication Directorate