ICAST 2022, post conference Symposium with Poly Alumni Network (PAN) has been held in Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT-BDU)

[November 06, 2022 Bahir Dar, ISC/BiT]
Dr. Ermias Gebrekidan, Co-founder and Technical Manager of ENTEL and Poly alumni member, discussed the subject of alumni with the BiT community, emphasizing the importance of awareness, intellectual development, and support packages for BiT. According to his speech, PAN's ideology extends all the way to international support, where full-scale collaboration is required. Meanwhile, the influence of sustainability for BiT is critical, and cooperation from all Institute Alumni is required. 
Engineer Aysheshim Tilahun, owner of ATW Engineering and Fellow PAN Member, on the other hand, emphasized the implications of BiTec, stating that PAN is prepared to support students in terms of their business skills, and that this support will benefit the nation as a whole. Along with this, projects and grants will be parts of the PAN’s plan in supporting the institute. 
In-depth discussions were held with the community, and in his concluding statement, Dr. Bimrew Tamrat, the scientific director of BiT, praised the PAN members for their exceptional work up to this point. He encouraged the group to keep aiding the institute and offering assistance in any manner they could. Furthermore, the scientific director committed to build a dedicated office in charge of this network and to address any issues that arose throughout the conversation.
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