Vacancy for Paid Graduate Internship

Job Details

The program seeks to recruit 2011 EC 50 graduate students from Bahir Dar Institute of Technology from all fields by competitive basis to work with Engineering and technology firms. The internship provides valuable professional development opportunities for 6 months to receive on-the-job training. In addition to their on-the-job contributions to the client, interns will get 6 month written work experience certificate. Overall the internship is aimed at expanding practical knowledge, refining career goals, and building professional networks. 

Responsibility of Graduate Intern

  • Maintain regular attendance in the internship and exercise punctuality, cooperation, honesty, diligence, and a willingness to learn.
  • Work on a schedule arranged by the organization, under the supervision of the designated supervisor of the organization.
  • Complete the graduate internship pilot program based on graduate internship/trainee employee agreement.
  •  Participate in all relevant interviews, orientation meetings and trainings required by the organization.
  •  Model appropriate, professional behavior when working with clients and when on the organization’s site(s).
  • Participate in the performance evaluation with appropriate organization representative at completion of work experience.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information gained during the internship program.

Eligibility requirement for the application:

  1. The applicant must be only 2011 E.C BSc Graduates of Bahir Dar  Institute of Technology of Bahir Dar University
  2. The applicant must bring Confirmation  letter of Temporary Employment from company
  3. The applicant must be currently unemployed

Required documents for Application:

  1. Application/Motivation letter not more than  one page
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Temporary Degree
  4. Confirmation  letter of Temporary Employment from company
  5. Testimonial/Support letter from Sub city/Kebele witnessing your unemployment/working out of your profession
  6. Any internship appreciation letter /certificate  

Application deadlines:

Interested applicants must send their credential until 22/06/2020 5:00 PM or 11:00 AM (Afternoon local time) only via the email addresses provided below. Applications sent after the specified date and time will not be considered.

How to apply:

  • Interested applicants can send the scanned/soft copy of their credentials in one pdf file through the email address stated below
  • The file name of your application document must be your name followed your field of study. Example; “Abiy Tefera Civil Engineering  ” or “FIKIR Tilahun  Computer Science

Address for sending Application:

Applicants strictly use the address and applications send other than this will not be considered.

  Please Note:  

  1. The program will only facilitate predetermined stipends/net 2000 Ethiopian birr per month.
  2. The hosting company may NOT offer employment after the completion of the internship.
  3. Only short listed candidates will be contacted.
  4. We strongly encourage female applicants.    

N:B: You can find the attached sample Graduate CV format, sample Job application letter (for your use to the company application) and sample Confirmation letter of Temporary Employment (for the company use).   

Sat, 06/06/2020
Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, Bahir Dar University