Call for New Research Proposals

The School of Research and Graduate Studies would like to grant research fund for original research proposals having a special relevance to development of the country.  In its essence, the research proposal shall address an existing problem in the manufacturing sector, contribute to the implementation of the national development strategy GTP II and be able to produce a publishable and applicable finding.
Research proposals must be submitted to the School of Research and Graduate Studies in one hard copy and soft copy before 16 February, 2010 EC.
Eligibility for proposal writing:

  • Be staff member of BiT; except MSc students, and PhD students that do not take qualifying examination.
  • Researcher who successfully submitted all previous BiT funded research projects, in case if she/he was funded in the previous budget years.


  • The proposal shall involve at least three researchers
  • The researchers shall have a reputable publication record in indexed and peer reviewed journals.
  • The proposal shall have a justifiable relevance to the development of the country.
  • Research proposals must be within the thematic areas identified by BiT
  • The written proposal must be according to the format provided

NoteMultidisciplinary research proposals are highly encouraged.   
Please kindly note that proposal shall be submitted to the School strictly based on the research format provided, if not, will be automatically rejected.
For any related information, please contact the School of Research and Graduate Studies at BiT Main Building, Third floor, Room # 033