The Institute Has Conducted Six Month Performance Report Workshop

Bahir Dar Institute of Technology has conducted a general assembly workshop to evaluate the six month performance of the institute. The workshop has conducted in two sessions. In the first session, each school and administrative office has evaluated and discussed about its six month performance with its instructors and staff.

Then in the next session, all BiT instructors and administrative staffs came together and the Scientific Director, Dr. Nigus Gabbiye has presented the six month performance report on the core activities of the institute. The Scientific Director presentation includes the activities performed on:

  • Teaching Learning
  • Research and Community Service Activities
  • Collaboration and Partnership
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Human Resource Development  
  • ICT Development
  • Implementation of Transformation Tools

In this report, the Scientific Director shows (with metrics) the progress, challenges and opportunities faced in each activity.

In his speech, the Scientific Director appreciates and forwards his gratitude to the university for the support and supervision that is given for the institute to exercise its autonomy. Further, he highly appreciates and acknowledges the collaboration engagement of the staffs to aspire the institute. He said, together we can bring change and transformation on BiT.

After the presentation, the Scientific Director gives the chance to the audiences for discussion, opinions, questions and recommendations.  Thus, most of the speakers appreciate the work done by the institute and highly recommends on sustaining and pushing forward to complete and fulfill the infrastructure and human resource development in few years. The audiences also recommend to complete missed supportive staffs in each office soon, and provide the required facilities for the class rooms and instructors, and empower the procurement case team to make the procurement process up-to-date.

On his concluding remarks, the Managing Director, Dr. Sisay Germew recommends that to shorten the procurement process the school and each chair units should understood the procurement process and should be precise enough when they prepare the procurement plan and the equipment specification. Further, he said that they are doing their best to fulfill the required facilities for the instructors and the class rooms.

Finally the meeting is adjourned at 6: 00 PM and Mini Cocktail was provided to the audience by the facilitators.

Together We Can Bring a Change on BiT