Completed Researches


1.   Experimental performance of a direct evaporative cooler(DEC) using a chiller in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

         PI: Mr. Aschale Getnet

         Co:Investgator: Atrsaw Jejaw Bezie, Tereche Getnet Tesfa

2.  Prediction of Teff Yield using Machine Learning Approach

         PI: Mr. Adugna Nech

         Co:Investgator: Eneyachew Tamir


 3.  Model-based design and development of horticultural produce crate from bamboo

         PI: Dr. Mulugeta Admasu

        Co:Investgator: Henok Mebratie

4. Performance and Analytical Study on Linear / Non-Linear Effects and Its Various Measures Importance for Futuristic High Bit Rate Hybrid Optical Network Transmission System in Ethiopia - [A Real Time Study]

                 PI: Dr. Fikreselam Gared

                Co-Investigator:Mr. Gashaw Mihretu

                Members: Prof. Pushparaghavan Annamalai Mr . Lijaddis

5.  Soil Characterization and Classification: A hybrid Approach of Computer Vision and Sensor Network

PI: Dagnachew Melesew Alemayehu

Member: Abrham Debasu Mengistu

5. Mobile Based Ethiopian Orthodox Church Icons Pattern Recognition

 PI: Muluken Birara

Members:   Abrham Debasu ,Derejaw Lake

7.  Nutritional Composition, Physicochemical, Cooking and Functional Properties of Selected Newly Introduced Low Land and Upland Rice Varieties Grown in Fogera and Pawi, Ethiopia

PI:Agimassie Agazie Abera,

Members: Eskindir Endalew ,Bayuh Belay

8.  Pilot-scale horizontal subsurface flow constructed wetland for Removal of Chromium from Tannery Waste Water with Suitable Local Substrate material

 PI:Gemechu Kassaye

Member: Agegnehu Alemu, Nigus Gabbiye

9. Numerical Modelling of Morpho daynamics of Megech River, Tana Basin, Ethiopia

PI: Afewrok Ashagrie

Members: Mengstie Abate

10. Estimation of water abstraction on Gumara catchment: A call for irrigation water management, Tana Basin, Ethiopia

PI:Mengiste Abate,

Members: Michael Mehari, Jan Nyssen, Tammo Steenhuis

11. Evaluation of particulate phosphorus loss and bioavailability in two agricultural watersheds, in Lake Tana Basin, Ethiopian

PI:  Feleke K. Sishu,

Member: Seifu A.Tilahun, Nigus G.Habtu, Petra Schmitter, Tammo S. Steenhuis

12. An In-depth Survey on 3G Mobile Network Traffic Performance and Analysis in Ethiopia

PI: Fanuel Melak Asmare

Members: Fekadu Mihret Geremew

13. Performance Analysis of Real-Time 3G Networks and Migration to Other Wireless Broadband Access Networks for Tourism Lake Tana in Bahir Dar- Ethiopia

PI: Pushparaghavan Annamalai

Members: Fekadu Mihret, Solomon Workneh

14. Design and Optimization of Continuous Type Rice Husk Gas Stove

PI: Bimrew Tamrat

Members: Bisrat Yilma, Million Asfaw


PI: Kidane Alemtsega

Members: Taye Abuhay

16. Patterns of Drug-Related Crimes among Offenders in Bahir-Dar, Gondar and Dessie Towns



17. Environmental Change, Resource Scarcity, and Conflict Transformation in Post 1991 Ethiopia: A Comparative Analysis of the Amhara-Afar Conflict in JileTimuga, Hadele'ela, Kewot, SemurobiGele'alo and BatiWoredas

PI: Eskinder Teferi, Petros Kibebew

18. An Investigation of the Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practices of Bahir Dar

PI: Fenta Belete

19. Modelling, Fabrication and Testing of Efficient Farm Level Deep-Bed Dryer for Local Paddy Rice

PI:Tewekel Mohammed

20. Rainfall Prediction and Cropping Pattern Recommendation Using Artificial Neural Network: A Case Study for Ethiopia

PI: Yohannes Biyadglgn, Haile Melkamu

21. Maize Disease Identification: Mobile vision approach

PI: Abebayehu Tefera Hailu

Members: Tizalegn Tilaye

22. Evaluating Teachers’ Readiness, Acceptance and Use of E-Learning Systems in Technology Institutes of Ethiopian Universities

PI:Abinew Ali Ayele

Members: Worku kelemework Birhanie

23. Trend of Research Data Archiving and Sharing in Ethiopian Research Universities and Institutes

PI: Asegahegn Endalew Abitew

Members: Esubalew Alemneh Jalew

24. Barriers to adoption of e-Government for Public Universities in Ethiopia

PI:Tsegaw Kelela

Members: Mamo Abebe

25. Detection and Classification of Orange Fruit Diseases Using Image Processing and SVM Classifier

PI: Hagos Tesfahun

Members:  Debas Senshaw

26. The Impact of Technology Platform Change on Information Seeking Behavior of Academician in Amhara Region Universities.

PI:Chalachew Muluken,

Members: Sertse Abebe, Yibeltal Tafere

27. Morphological Analyzer for Wolane Language using Memory Based Learning

PI: Dawed Nesru

28. Part of Speech Tagger for Geez

PI: Desta Berihu

Members:  Desalegn Beshaw

29. How clinicians’ share knowledge using medicine 2.0: a case study in Ethiopia

PI: Tesfa Tegegne 

Members:  Belisty Yalew

30. Integration of ICT and Tourism for Improved Promotion of Tourist Attractions in Ethiopia

PI: Mekonnen Wagaw

Members:  Feven Mulugeta

31. A 1-M Approach for FIC: A Fractal Image Compression Method that Maps Many Range Blocks to One Domain Block

PI: Wondim Dessye

Members: Selamneh Belete

32. Thermal Performance and Thin Layer Kinetics Study of Solar Bubble and Cabinet dryers for Maize Drying

PI: Aynadis Molla

Members:  Nigus Gabbiye

33. Development and Evaluation of Physicochemical and Sensory quality of Sausage product from beef Meat, Soybean and finger Millet Flours

PI: Behailu B.

Members: Abebe M.

34. Production and Evaluation of Textile Wet Processing Enzymes: A Case of Bahir Dar Textile Wet Mills Bio-transformation through White Finishing

PI: Meskerem Tsehaye

Members:  Mengistu Gizaw

35. Assessment of Food and Nutrition Labels in Locally Produced Commercial Packaged Foods and Beverages in Ethiopia

PI: Hirut Assaye,

Members: Reddy PCJ Prasad, Degnet Teferi, Girma Nega

36. Selected nutrient composition and sensory quality of injera prepared from teff fortified with mango and carrot

PI: Abebaw T.,

Members: Tewodros A., Agimassie A.

37. The Role of Upland Soil and Water Conservation Practices on Gully Erosion from the Hydrologic and Community Perspectives in the Humid Highlands of Ethiopia

PI: Meseret B. Addisie, Seifu A. Tilahun

38. Runoff response and the associated soil and nutrient loss in two northwestern Ethiopian highland watersheds

PI: Anwar A. Adem,

Members: Dessalew W. Aynalem1, Seifu A. Tilahun1, Wolde Mekuria, Mulugeta Azeze, Tammo S. Steenhuis

39.  Modeling the Impact of Entrepreneurial Attitude on Self-Employment Intention among Engineering Students in Ethiopia

PI: Mesfin Mulu

Members: Shumet Amare

40. Potential Impact of Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam on the Future Water Uses of Eastern Nile River Basin

PI: Abebe kidus

41. Evaluating the impact of natural resources management interventions on hydrologic and socio-economic issues in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

PI: Dessalew W. Aynalem

42. Investigating Energy Utilization and Management Practice and Developing Conservation Method in Textiles Industries: (A Case Study of Amhara Region; Ethiopia)

PI: Dessie Tarekegn Bantelay

Members: Muluken Zegeye Getie, Azmeraw Tadesse

43. Experimental Investigation, Design and Fabrication of Biogas Plant Using Brewery Malt Spent grain

PI:Dr. Nigussie Mulugeta,

Members: R. Rejikumar, Million Asfaw

44. Nutritional knowledge, dietary practice and associated factors among adults on Antiretroviral Therapy in Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia

PI: Getnet M.,

Members: Tsegahun W., Amanuel N.

45. Design, Simulation and Experimental Investigation of a Device That Harvest Water from Atmospheric Air Powered by Vertical Wind Turbine

PI: Demise Molawork,

Members: Temesgen Assefa, Muluken Temesgen

46. Nutritional Composition, Physicochemical, Cooking and Functional Properties of Selected Newly Introduced Low Land and Upland Rice Varieties Grown in Fogera and Pawi, Ethiopia

PI: Agimassie Agazie Abera,

Members: Eskindir Endalew and Bayuh Belay

47. Estimation of water abstraction on Gumara catchment: A call for irrigation water management, Tana Basin, Ethiopia

PI: Mengiste Abate,

Members: Michael Mehari1, Jan Nyssen, Tammo Steenhuis


PI: Kidane Alemtseg

Members:  Taye Abuhay

49. Numerical Modelling of Morphodaynamics of Megech River, Tana Basin, Ethiopia

PI: Afewrok Ashagrie

Members:  Mengstie Abate

50. Physico-Chemical Characterizations of Ethiopian Kaolin for Industrial Applications: Case Study WDP Propoxur Formulations

PI: Tadele Assefa Aragaw

Members:  Feleke Kuraz

51. SMS Based Agricultural Information System

PI: Alemu Kumilachew

Members:  Tekeste Demessie, Adane Nega

52. Workplace Ergonomic Hazard Assessment in Manufacturing Companies

PI: Tomas C. Kassaneh

Members:  Ahmed A. Tadesse