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Dr. Ephraim Senbetta

Modern concreting practices considering developments in chemical admixtures and equipment for handling and placing concrete

(Fulbright Scholar at Addis Ababa University)


Dr. Ephraim Senbetta

Quality Management theory and practice to achieve continual improvement in any organization



Dr. Dalal Najib

Partnership for Enhanced Engagement in Research (PEER): informational talk

 National Academy of Sciences, USA


Belachew Bantyirga

Integration of large wind farms in to weak power grids- Emphasis on the Ethiopian power systems

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering


Morgan Ruelle

Contributions of plant diversity to food sovereignty: A case study from Debark, Semien Gonder, Ethiopia"

Cornell University


Dr. Seifu   Admasu

Characterizing runoff generation mechanism and soil erosion in  Debre Mawi Watershed, on the Ethiopian Highlands

School of civil and water resource engineering


Dr. Asfaw Gezae

Model Sahpe Transition of Micelles: How the shape of Micelle Transforms from Sphere to Cylinder and from Sphere to disk with Concentration?

School of Chemical & Bio Engineering, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology


Matt Hurst

Investigation of Water Quality, Waterborne Disease, and Chlorination in a Peri-urban and rural setting in Amhara, Ethiopia

Cornell University (USA)


Dr Nigus Gabbiye

Catalytic Wet Air Oxidation over Active Carbon for Removal of Organic Pollutants: Steady State and Periodic   Multiphase Reactor Operation

School of Chemical and Food Engineering


Dr Essayas Kaba

Monitoring State of Biomass Using Image Based Disturbance Index in Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia

School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering


Dr. David M. Kahler

Novel Technology to Promote Mixing in Dead-End Pores Could Improve Pump-and-Treat Remediation



Dr. Solomon T/Mariam

Solar Sorption Cooling System

School of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


Girmaw Abebe

LaTex: an alternative document preparation system for thesis and dissertation

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering


Angela Neilan

Environmental Protection and Regulation Framework Development Processes at Virginia, USA

Virginia State, USA


Dr. Nibret Gebeyehu

Synthesis and Characterization of a Multifunctional Ti0.8Mn0.2O2 Nanomaterial Support for Pt Catalyst: MOR and ORR Catalytic Applications

Department of Chemistry, BDU


Dr. Essayas Kaba

Managing citations for your manuscript: A demonstration on use of  EndNote (Version X4)

School of Civil and Water Resources Engineering


Tesfa Tegegn

e-health service discovery: A case study in Ethiopia.

School of Computing and Electrical Engineering

Seminar on Geospatial data in Ethiopia

Dr. Johnathan Bascom (PhD, University of Iowa) has worked in Ethiopia most of the last two years, Supported by Fulbright grant.
He has taught geography at East Carolina University, BDU, University of Asmara and Calvin College. Johnathan is currently working on Digital Atlas of Ethiopia. He is also working on the book entitled "Contemporary Geography of Ethiopia".  Johnathan is currently working BDU to establish a GeoSpatial data center which will be the first of its kind among 24 Universities in Ethiopia.