Faculty of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

1.      Ergonomic Evaluation of Personal Protective Equipment at Workplace: A Case Study in Ethiopian Brewery Industries

        Principal Investigator: Mrs. Meseret Alemu,     
        Co-investigators: Dr.Sisay Geremew and Mr.Getnet Awoke.

 2.      Techno-Economic Asessment of Solar Thermal Technologies for Cogeneration in the Rural Reaches of Bahir Dar

         Principal Investigator: Dr,V,Siva Ramakrishnan
         Co-investigators: Mr.Million Asfaw   

3.      Study on Influence of Fibre Characterization on Hybrid Polymer Composites

            Principal Investigator: Mr.Yesheneh Jejaw,
           Co-investigators: Dr. Rameshbabu Subramanian

 4.      A Study on the Characteristic Behaviour of  Ethiopian Bamboo fibred Polyester Composites under laminate and particulate composite conditions

            Principal Investigator: Dr. Rameshbabu Subramanian,
            Co-investigators: Dr. Assefa   

  5.      Design and Optimization of Continuous Type Rice Husk Gas Stove

         Principal Investigator: Dr. Bimrew Tamirat
        Co-investigators: Mr. Million Asfaw and Mr. Bisrat Yilma    

   6.      Workplace Ergonomic Hazard Assessment

          Principal Investigator: Mr. Tomas Cherkos
          Co-investigator: Mr. Ahmed Abide  

 7.      Experimental Investigation  Design and Fabrication of Biogas Plant Using Malt Bagasse

           Principal Investigator: Dr .Nigussie Mulugeta
           Co-investigators: R.Rejikumar and Mr. Million Asfaw

 8.      Design, Simulation and Experimental Investigation of a Device That Harvest Water from Air Powered by Vertical Wind Turbine

     Principal Investigator: Mr. Demise Molawork

     Co-investigator: Mr. Muluken Temesgen

 9.      Investigation Energy  Utilization Practice Developing Method in Textiles Industries of Amhara Region

          Principal Investigator: Mr. Dessie Tarekegn
    Co-investigators: Mr. Muluken Zegeye