Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering

1.      Evaluation and Comparative Assessment of Imported and Locally Produced Reinforcing Steel Bars for Structural Purpose
Principal Investigator: Mr. Alemayehu Golla
      Co-investigator: Mrs. Misrak Tefera
2.      Characterization of Chemical Sludge from Textile Factory Effluent and Adapting as a Construction Material (Brick): A Case Study of  Bahir Dar Textile Factory
  Principal Investigator: Mr. Lakachew Yihunie
  Co-investigator: Mr. Girma W.

3.      Evaluating the Impact of Natural Resources Management Interventions on Hydrologic and Socio-economic Issues in the Upper Blue Nile Basin

    Principal Investigator: Mr. Dessalew Worku

   Co-investigator: Mr. Alemsha Getaneh

4.      Numerical Modeling of Gilgel Abay River at Selected Reach

    Principal Investigator: Mr. Afework Ashagrie.

   Co-investigators: Dr. Mengistie Abate and Dr.Michael M       

5.      Application of Stable Isotope Elemnts(180,2H,222-Rn) for Stream Flow Component Analysis and Hydrological Model Calibration( Case of Dangishita Watershed in Lake Tana Basin)

    Principal Investigator: Dr.Mmaru Ayalew

    Co-investigator: Mr. Dereje Maru