Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering

1.      Real time Automation of Agriculture Environment, by Automatically Detecting Plant Leaf Diseases and Auto Medicine
  Principal Investigator: Dr. Channamallikarjuna Mattihalli
        Co-investigators: Mr. Edemialem Gedefaye, Mr. Adugna Necho, and Mr. Fasil Endalamaw
2.      An In-depth Survey on 3G Mobile Network Traffic Performance Analyses in Ethiopia
    Principal Investigator: Mr. Fanuel Melak 
    Co-investigator: Mr.Fekadu Mihret     

3.      Performance Analysis of 3G and Migration to 4G on  Broadband  Networks  among  Major Tourism Lakes in Ethiopia

   Principal Investigator: Dr. Pushparaghavan Annamalai,

   Co-investigators: Mr. Fekadu Mihret and Mr. Solomon Lule