Faculty of Chemical and Food Engineering

 1.      Reuse of Treated Water from Wastewater Treatment Plant for Process Water Requirement: A Case Study for Bahir Dar Textile Share Company
         Principal Investigator: Mr. Tadele Negash,
          Co-investigators: Mr.Ali Seid and Mr. Wondmagegn Wonago
 2.      Development, Evaluation and Optimization of Extrudates from Rice, Lupine and pumpkin Powder Blend
          Principal Investigator: Mr.Yeshambel Dagnaw,
            Co-investigator: Mr. Tadele Fenta

 3.      Effectiveness of Lantana Camara Essential Oils Controlling Insect’s Pest in Grain Stored Specifically Beans Weevil Acanthoscelides Obtectus and Maize Weevil Sitophilus Zeamais

                Principal Investigator: Mr. Adane Adugna,
            Co-investigator: Mr. Solomon H/Mariam

 4.      Preliminary Investigation of Efficient Biomass Stove Proper Utilization Practices, Challanges Coverage(adoption) and Action Implementation in off Grid Areas: In the case of Merawi, Kollela Woreda District Bahirdar University Village

                Principal Investigator: Mr. Bassazin Ayalew  
            Co-investigator: Mr.Tegen Dagnew

 5.      Occurrence and  Persistence of Enterohemorrhagic  Eshericherichia Coli O157:H7 from Retail Raw Meat Products in Bahir Dar, West Amhara, Ethiopia

                Principal Investigator: Dr. Takele Ayanaw
            Co-investigators: Dr.Arun Thangavel and Mr.Admasu Fanta  

 6.      Assessment of Invasive Factors of Water Hyacinth (Eichhoria Crassipes) and its Effects on the Water Quality of Aquatic Environments and Devising Sound Controlling Mechanism: the Case of Lake Tana

Principal Investigator: Mr.Tewekel Mohammed
Co-investigators: Mr. Addisu Wondimnew and Mr.Tadele Negash, Mr. Addis Lemessa, Mr. Mesfin Abay, Mr. Melkamu Birlie, Mr. Muktar Abdu,  Mr. ZigiybelFirew and Mr. Workiyie Worie

 7.      Integrated Drying Methods for Preservation of Mango Fruit Slices           

                Principal Investigator: Mr. Tadilo Yitayew,
            Co-investigators: Dr. Chanukya B.S, and Mr. Tadesse Fenta    
 8.      Postharvest Losses Assessment of Tomato in Fogera Wereda (Northern Ethiopia)

  Principal Investigator: Mr. Gerefa Sefu,

  Co-investigators: Mr.Muluken Alem and Mr. AbebawAyele              

9.      Assessment and Improvement the Quality and Process of Ethiopian Indigenous Distilled Beverage Alcohol (Areki).        

   Principal Investigator: Mr. Kefale Wagaw
   Co-investigators: Mr. Adane Adugna, Mr. Solomon H/mariyam, Mrs. Meskerem Tshaye,       Mr. Ali Seid,  
10.   Identification and Quantification of Adulterants in Roasted and Ground Coffee
     Principal Investigator: Mr. Tadele Andargie
          Co-investigators: Mr. Mekonnen Teklye and Mr. Nurhussen Osman

11.  Construction and Evaluation of Wetland for Removal of Heavy Metal from Tannery Waste Water with Suitable Local Material

     Principal Investigator: Gemechu Kassaye

     Co-investigators: Dr.Nigus G, Aragaw Alemu

12.  Quality Assessment and Supplementation of Sweet Potato on Tef Injera

            Principal Investigator: Mrs. Mahilet Minwyelet
           Co-investigator: Mrs. Bekelech Getachew

13.  Nutritional Composition, Physicochemical, Cooking and Functional Properties of Selected Newly Introduced Low Land and Upland Rice  Varieties Grown in Fogera ,Pawi and Mitseber, Ethiopia

    Principal Investigator: Agimassie Agazie

    Co-investigators: Eskindir Endalew and Bayuh belay

14.  Nutritional Knowledge ,Attitude, Dietary Practice and Associated Factors among Adults on Antiretroviral Therapy in Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital

        Principal Investigator: Genet Mekuria/

.       Co-investigators: Tsegahun Worku and Amanuel N

15.  Physic-chemical Characterizations of Ethiopian Kaolin as a Potential Substitutions of Imported Kaolin for Propoxur WDP Formulation: A Case Study at Adamitulu Pesticide Processing Share Company

            Principal Investigator: Tadele Assefa
            Co-investigator: Feleke Kuraz