Ongoing Researches

1. Design and Development of Smart Floatovoltaic Micro-grid for Island Communities in Lake Tana

            PI: Mr. Tadie Birhan

           Co-PI: Getnet Ayele, Tewodros Gera, Dagnenet Sultan, Amare Kasaw, Habtemariam Aberie, Elias Tsigemariam, and Elias Sime



2. Leveraging Absorptive Capabilities to Create New Digital Healthcare Services: A Case from Government Health Facilities in Ethiopia


           PI: Mr. Debas Sinshaw

           Co-PI: Dabere Nigatu, Yesuneh Getachew, Abebe Demsie, Rahel Mekonnen, and Sertse Abebe 



3. Formulation of a Broad Spectrum Biomedicine for Treatment of SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) and Related Respiratory Diseases

           PI: Dr. Metaldel Kassahun

           Co-PI: Tewekel Mohammed

           Members: Dr. Kefyalew Dagnew, Mekuanint Demeke, Dr. Eyasu Tigabu, Abebe Mengesha, Gedam Tafere, Eskedar Adane

4. Assessment and design Of Solid Waste Management System And Implements Appropriate Conversion Technology Practice In BDU Staffs Living Village, Maryam Site

          PI: Seada Mohammed

          Co-Inistgator: Mahlet Haimanot

          Members: Seblework Vittorio

5. Investigating indigenous botanical-based bio-pesticides against Sitophilus zeamais Motschulsky, in West Gojam, Awi zone, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia.

           PI: Solomon Workneh

           Co-Investigator: Dr. Neela Satheesh

           Members: Dr Hirut Assaye