Training on LandPKS: Mobile App for Farmers, Ranchers, Planners and Extension

A two-day introductory training from 08 – 09 July,2019 has been held in Bahir Dar institute of Technology about LandPKS (Land-Potential Knowledge System). The event was organized by Irrigation Engineering and management chair and postgraduate students, faculty staffs and invited academicians from the institution had been participated. The training had two sessions, office work and field practice. This two days training is delivered successfully by Mr.Adan Buni.

On July 8, after opening speech by Dr. Temesgen Enku, Faculty’s dean, the training officially started by trainer Mr. Adane by explaining the relevance of LandPKS smartphone application in the Ethiopian context and by assisting participants to install LandPKS app on their phone . Modules and input information and LandPKS app procedures were discussed along with output data clarification. In the afternoon sessions of the training trial Landinfo and LandCover inputs like adding a location, retrieving local climate data, determining soil properties and recording vegetation cover data were shown. In addition, troubleshooting Tips were also expounded by Mr. Adane. Feedback from participants were collected and the session was completed by summarizing core concepts of the training.
On the next day of the training, July 9, the field practical session was started after registration of the participants. An open field inside Poly Campus was selected to demonstrate full entry of the LandInfo and LandCover data inputs. In the afternoon term Land Potential Data Portal Website  was introduced and participants were taught ways of editing and visualizing data on the data portal. Discussions, integrating data into QGIS base map/vector layers and additional tips about LandPKS were also a part of afternoon’s field practice.

LandPKS is a USAID-funded project that is implemented by the USDA-ARS. LandPKS App is an integrated free modular mobile phone app connected to cloud-based storage, global databases, and models A system for storing and accessing user data, a system for sharing data, information and knowledge. Prepared with four input modules it gives multiple uses like
•    Soil identification
•    Land use planning
•    Project planning
•    Remote sensing calibration/validation
•    Rangeland monitoring

Chair holder of the Irrigation Engineering and management Dr. Dagnenet Sultan closed the training by closing speech. Dr. Dagnenet said he is hopeful that we learnt a lot from this training and our students acquired knowledge and experience to collect land and cover data to determine the Land Potential with Smartphone Application and they will enhance and expand the application through capacity building and research activity. He also thanked Mr. Adane and his organization, for delivering two days training and all the participants with BiT officials for making the training successful.


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  Training participants


Mr.Adan Buni, Trainer



Presentation by Mr. Adane




Trainees engaged with LandPKS App