Call for research membership

Bahir Dar Energy Center is inviting you all to be member of the center and conduct research in the below mentioned thematic areas and sub-research groups

Theme 1: Bioenergy Research Groups

1.1.            Biofuel sub-groups

·         Ethanol

·         Biodiesel

·         Biogas

1.2.            Combustion and gasification sub-group

·         Thermo chemical conversion-pyrolysis, combustion, gasification

·         Cogeneration

·         Briquettes

1.3.            Energy and Environment sub-groups

·                  Waste to energy conversion

·         Flue gas utilization and characterization

·         Energy, climate and global warming

Theme 2: Solar energy research group

2.1.            Solar Photovoltaic sub-groups

·            solar cell

·                  PV systems and solar battery technologies

·                  Power electronics

2.2.            Solar thermal sub-groups

·                  Solar water or air heater

·                  Solar cookers

·                  Solar driers

·                  Solar cooling and refrigeration

Theme 3: Efficient Cooking and Lighting

3.1.Efficient cooking technology sub-groups

3.2.Efficient lighting technology sub-groups

Theme 4: Wind energy and small hydropower

4.1.Wind energy sub-groups

4.2.Small hydropower sub-groups


N.B: applicants should come (in person to the office of Bahir Dar Energy Center) with their research concept note in line with his/her desired thematic area


Deadline: 15th August 2017


Tue, 08/15/2017
Bahir Dar Energy Center