BiT-BDU has hosted a PhD dissertation defense

The PhD dissertation defense was held at Bahir Dar Institute of Technology (BiT-BDU) by Mrs. Addis Aschenik Alaminie with a title of “Integrating Multiple Satellite and Climate Model Product for Hydrologic Modeling in the Upper Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia”, where she addressed the improved hydrological prediction using advance hydrological and recent climate models. Her presentation also contained comprehensive evaluation of multi-source soil moisture products, where she published number of papers in reputable journals. As evaluators, Dr. Getachew Tegegne, Dr. Abdela Kemal and Dr. Mulugeta Azeze posed a number of questions and comments, which later followed by public question. After much deliberation, the committee approved her dissertation with ‘Excellent’ grade. Her advisory board included Professor Mark R. Jury, Chair of SDAC, Professor Seifu Admassu and Dr. Fasikaw Atanaw, whom all are members of SDAC.
Bahir Dar Institute of Technology wishes to congratulate Mrs. Addis Aschenik Alaminie for her academic achievement.
Information and Strategic Communication Directorate