Training on Nutrition

As part of Sustainably Intensified Production Systems Impact on Nutrition (SIPSIN) project of BiT-BDU and TAMU project under Faculty of Civil and Water Resources Engineering through Dr Seifu A Tilahun,  nutrition education training have started to be given to fifty women farmers who are involved in small scale irrigation farming through Appropriate Scale Mechanization Consortium on vegetable production. The education will present key nutrition concepts that will be addressed in two rounds during eight days. The training includes basics of nutrition, diet diversity, human health/growth, food handling and safe preparation of food, reduction of nutrient loss during cooking and cooking demonstrations. It will be given by Dr. Hirut Assaye and Mr. Dagnet from faculty of chemical and food engineering.

The first round training have been conducted from 13-16 Jan 2018. The second cycle will commence on 25 Jan 2018 for 4 days. We think that at the end of this training, farmers in Dangishta Kebele of Dangila Woreda will enhance the rate of adoption of new dietary habits and thereby increase the consumption of food produced by irrigation and improve the nutritional status of farm families.