1.Design and development of Remote Health Monitoring of COVID-19 Patients using IOT by Tewodros Gera (PI), Andargachew Gobena, Atirsaw Awoke and Dawit Alemseged

2. Design and Prototyping of a Low-cost Portable Mechanical (Rack and Pinion type) Ventilator.

3. Rack and pinion type Mechanical ventilator using single DC motor by Dr. Tassew Tadiwos (PI), Tewodros Gera and Yosef Birhan

4. Infrared Thermometer by Dawit Alemseged, Samuel Leykun, Atirsaw Awoke and Adugna Necho

5. Pulse Meter Home Made Automatic Water and Soap Droplet with Hand Dryer with Existing Hand wash System by Atirsaw Awoke (PI), Andargachew G, Tewodros G, Abrham Hiskeal and Yosef Birhan

6. Machine Learning Based COVID 19 Patient Screening System by Tadie Birhanu (PI), Temesgen Mihiretu and Atirsaw Awoke

7. All in One handwashing Systems Hailu Dessalegn (PI) and Kassaye G

8. PLANT DISEASES DETECTION AND AUTOMATIC MEDICINING funded by      Bahir Dar University, 2018 – 2019

9. Develop and implement Enterprise resource Planning project for Tana Mobile PLC, February   2019 – June 2019

10. Develop and implement Human Resource Management project for Amhara     Industrial Park Corporation, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, February   2019 – June 2019

11.Teff yield prediction using machine learning approach, August 30/2019- 2022

12. Design and Deployment of Driving License Information Management System by Dr. Amare Kassaw and Mr. Andargachew Gobena, Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University in Collaboration with ANRS Road and Transport Office