Computer Engineering (PhD)

Doctor of philosophy in Computer Engineering
Hosting Unit 
Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Program Description:
  • The objective of the program is to satisfy the national demand for highly trained Computer Engineering educators, researchers and management experts. And
  • The PhD program in computer engineering prepares students to become innovative leaders in academic, industrial, and entrepreneurial settings. 
  • Train specialists who can work in the area of Computer Engineering and related fields in local and worldwide to conduct original research independently. 
  • Generate, develop and disseminate new knowledge through research in computer Engineering. 
  • Educate researchers and educators who are needed in Ethiopian higher learning and research institutions. 
  • Train high level technical manpower, who can actively participate in the national development activities, strategies, and policies.
  • To promote interdisciplinary scientific and technological development internationally
  • To strengthen the link between industry and government through high calibre research so that candidates can work on the country’s engineering problems. 
Duration of the program
Four years
Medium of Instruction
Admission criteria
  • Applicants should have bachelor degree and a master degree (with project/thesis) preferably in related fields of the study program (computer engineering, software engineering, computer science, and IT engineering) from recognized college/institute/university with minimum CGPA as per BDU legislation.
  • Applicants should take PhD admitting examination and interview.
  • Applicants should have a concept note of his/her PhD dissertation.
  • Applicants expected to submit two recommendation letters write a statement of interest (motivation) and a research concept note.  
Graduation Requirements
The student is classified as a Dissertator, as soon as a student has passed all the requirements for the PhD degree less completion of the dissertation. Specifically, the student must:
  • Take the PhD Qualifying Examination
  • Complete all credits of the required PhD coursework with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.00 and a minimum grade requirement for all courses is B.
  • Pass the A-Examination
  • Be Eligible for Candidacy;
  • Give Progress Presentation
  • Give Synopsys Seminar
  • Publish one peer reviewed journals and one international conference paper for PhD by coursework whereas PhD without course requires two peer reviewed journals and one international conference paper
  • Pass the B-Examination

A PhD graduate is expected to publish two articles in peer reviewed journals from the result of the thesis work. However, no PhD candidate shall graduate without publishing at least one article in peer reviewed journal and one international conference with dissertation. Institute should work to fulfil the required support and facility requirements for publication. These papers must be published in journals listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI) and/or Science Citation Index Extended (SCI/E) to avoid publishing in predatory journals.

Although close supervision of the performance of the graduate student is the responsibility of the supervisor (can be Associate Professors and above) and co-supervisor (can be Assistant Professors), the SDAC committee members may involve in any technical support and guidance of the PhD student. With the proposal of the PhD student and with the consent of the supervisor, the FGC shall appoint; with approval of SRGS; a co-supervisor with Assistant Professor to be a member of SDAC of the PhD student.

Annual intake
5 students
Tuition fee
(2020/21 rate)
Contact person
Wubie Engdaw
Phone: +251-928549750