Community Services

      1. Applying Indigenous Botanical Plant as an alternative and Sustainable Control of Weevil's Grain for Local Farmers

      2. Construction and Usage of in-house Bamboo Storage Structure for Red Chili

      3. Affordable Solar powered Upstream Irrigation for Koga Smallholder Farmers

      4. Design and Fabrication of Manual Maize Sheller Machine

      5. Design and Development of Smart Speed Controller of Vehicle Technology Transfer on Eco-Road Technology to ANRS Road Sectors

      6. Design and manufacturing of underwater vehicle to study internal environment of lake tana

      7. Human resource mgt System for Burie Industrial Park

      8. Gravity Assited UV drinking water filter system for rural community for yemohit Kebele

      9. Online Clerance System

      10.Design and installation of wall mounted body temperature measuring device using Infrared Thermometer

      11. Improving access and delivery of quality vegetable’s seed and seedling to vegetable growers in Lake Tana Basin

      12. Aquaponic technology adaption and development to enhance food security

      13. Design and Implementation of Integrated Healthcare Information Mgt System for Addis Alem Hospital

      14. Design of Conveyor based food Serving System in Ethiopian Universities as COVID-19 Pandemic Protection measures (Keep Distancing)

      15. BDU academic staff  documents reviewer committee for the acquisition of condominium house, Nov 2019

      16. Quality assurance committee for electronics, computer and related items, September-August 2018.

      17. Organizing and Giving “Basic computer skill training” for Merawi High School teachers in Mecha wereda, Dec 2018.

      18.Organizing and giving “computer maintenance training” for Merawi High School teachers in Mecha wereda, Dec 2018.

      19. Organizing and  giving “Basic computer skill training” for Aferewanat senior and preparatory School teachers in Dera wereda, Dec 2018.

      20. Design and implementation of Infrared Thermometer(IR) and Heart Rate and SpO2 Monitoring( Oximeter) for a response to Covid-19, May 1-30, 2020 

      21. Maintaining Personal Computers for BiT, Nov 12, 2019-Jan 09, 2020