The national consultative workshop was held under the theme Promoting Healthy Transport System: Emphasis on Adoption in Ethiopia.

Her Excellency Mrs. Dagmawit Moges, Minster of the Ministry of Transport and Logistic, opened national consultancy workshop on Promoting Healthy Transport System: Emphasis on Adopting EVs organized by Bahir Dar Institute of Technology-Bahir Dar University.
[Sept. 25, 2022 Bahir Dar, FECE/BiT]
The national consultative workshop was held under the theme Promoting Healthy Transport System: Emphasis on Adoption in Ethiopia. Dr. Bimrew Tamrat, Scientific Director of the Bahir Dar Institute of Technology, makes the introductory remarks and provides an outline of BiT. As per his speech, E-Mobility will develop an appropriate transportation system for users since it contributes to a healthy, carbon-free environment. In the meantime, Dr. Firew Tegegne, president of Bahir Dar University, suggests working with the government for a brighter future. He also mentioned Bahir Dar University, which deserves praise for its innovative programs and national leadership. He also mentioned the 60th anniversary, noting the outstanding research and ongoing initiatives. Bahir Dar City's mayor, His Excellency Dr. Dresse Sahilu, commented on the city's attractiveness and Bahir Dar University-prepared structural plan where the city is working with universities in numerous projects. Additionally, he discussed initiatives to restore the cycle culture to its former slender.
Her Excellency Mrs. Dagmawit Moges, Minister of Transport and Logistics, in her opening remarks spoke about the pioneering Master program commenced by Bahir Dar Institute of technology informing that it will be an example for others to follow. According to her address, the ministry is working on a sustainable transportation infrastructure that can endure climate change. The government also welcomes electric vehicles and has simplified numerous tax procedures. Meanwhile, she recognized Honorable Dr. Shaleka Haile Gebreselassie for his role in establishing and promoting electric cars throughout the country. While she promised to work in advance with the university she invited stakeholders, including academics, to collaborate in developing a sustainable, innovative, and pleasant transportation system in Ethiopia.
Mr. Fitsum Birhan, Strategic Advisor to the Minister, presented on National Policies and Strategies for Electric Vehicles, as well as MoTL Activities. According to him, because fuel-based transportation systems contribute the majority of air pollution, MoTL is strongly supporting the electric car industry by drafting a policy.
Later on, Honorable Dr. shaleka Haile Gebresilassie, Marathon Motors, and Mr. Michael Asresahegn, Correnti Motors gave an oral presentation on the Experience, Roles, and Responsibilities of Industries in the EV Sector. According to their address, because gasoline prices are rising on a daily basis and air pollution from fuel-powered vehicles is such a difficult issue at the moment, they strongly encouraged an electric vehicle to be considered as an option. Appreciating the institute's determination to become involved in such an area by developing a curriculum, they both vowed to assist, particularly in the practical area, as needed.
Mrs. Edom Tseagye, Lecturer at FECE-BiT, and Dr. Amare Kasaw, Director of BiTec, respectively, presented on the Challenges and Opportunities of Adopting Electric Vehicles in Ethiopia and Digitization in Transportation Systems: Initiatives by BDU and Amhara National Regional State Transportation and Logistics. Following the discussions on the problems presented, Mrs Dagimawit Moges concluded the morning sessions by reflecting on the input provided by the participants.
In the afternoon session, Mr. Bereket Tesfaye, E-Mobility Researcher, African Context, and Dr. Ababay Ketema, Bahir Dar Energy Center BiT-BDU, presented on Key Barriers to Electric Vehicle Adoption in Ethiopia and Recent Advances in EV Battery Technologies, respectively.
Finally, Tewodros Gera, Dean of the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, made a concluding statement in which he reminded participants that the faculty conducted an E-Mobility Master Program curriculum review on yesterday’s workshop. He also indicated that the comments from this consultative workshop will be an extra force for the curriculum. He concluded his remarks by thanking the government officials, invited private sectors, university top management, and all invited guests who attended this session.
In addition, invited government officials and guests paid visits to the Jan-Moscov Library, the Poly Museum, the BiT Seifu Makerspace, and the Maritime Academy.